Individual Tax Preparation

Omar  Financial Services LLC

We can help you prepare your yearly taxes, and itemize your deductions and tax breaks so that you and your family can benefit. 

We will e-file your income tax return so you can get a quick refund, and we work with you on strategies to get more money for your refund, and prepare you for future tax liability down the road, based on your future earnings, and household status.

Request a copy of your Tax Documents

You can request copies of your tax returns documents from the most recent 4 tax years.

Notices Assistance (IRS/State)

If you received a notice from a taxing authority, send us securely all the pages of the notice from My Portal, and we’ll advise you on the best course of action.
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Stay connected with your tax preparer, send and receive your sensitives documents securely, send and receive text message directly to your tax preparer,  sign documents, make payment ... 

Frequently Asked Questions 

We have high call volumes. Most questions can be answered more quickly on our Help Center.