Incorporation & reinstatement

A company may be required to undertake the reinstatement process when it has fallen out of good standing with its home state, any state(s) in which it has a Foreign Qualification, or if it has been dissolved due to failure to comply with state rules and regulations. Reinstatement requires a company to resolve outstanding business compliance issues and submit necessary forms and fees to the state. To follow is a list of the major requirements a business needs to meet in order to be reinstated to good standing: First it must identify all of the steps it must take to become compliant It must determine any and all outstanding or overdue fees due to the state A small business must obtain and complete all necessary forms required to be reinstated Audit these reinstatement forms, looking for any errors prior to submission Submit completed reinstatement forms to the appropriate state agencies Reinstating your business allows you to regain the benefits and advantages of both corporate status and the limited liability protection that comes with it. When you reinstate your business, you will gain the peace of mind that you can enter new contracts and continue running your operations without worrying that your business has an uncertain legal status.

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