Business and Personal Tax Preparation

We are here to make tax preparation easy and simple for you. We  have experience of preparing taxes for businesses and individuals throughout Massachusetts for over 20 years.

Almost every year there are new additions or changes to the IRS tax code. We stay knowledgeable on changes to tax codes and laws throughout the United States, as well as changes locally and on the State level. 

If you are a small business owner, you want to know how these tax laws, tax credits and tax loopholes apply to you and your business, you are in the right place.

Individual Tax Preparation

We can help you prepare your yearly taxes, and itemize your deductions and tax breaks so that you and your family can benefit. We will e-file your income tax return so you can get a quick refund, and we work with you on strategies to get more money for your refund, and prepare you for future tax liability down the road, based on your future earnings, and household status.

Business Tax Preparation

We work with businesses year-round to ensure their taxes are properly filed, and they are taking advantage of all tax breaks and programs that may be available to them. Our reliable tax experts will go over the entire books, and financial statements of your company to make sure nothing is left out when it comes to filing your taxes. We also work with your company in terms of tax planning, to prepare your business expenses for future tax liability.

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